UREx SRN Inspires Greylit Research into City and State Resilience Finance

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UREx SRN Inspires Greylit Research into City and State Resilience Finance

The UREx SRN recently supported a pinnacle webinar that profiled two UREx-derived research projects focused on building practitioner resilience. 500 participants attended the day-of event and at least as many

Stories of our shared climate future: San Juan

The StoryMap platform includes syntheses for coastal, riverine, and urban flood scenarios as well as the three transformative visions developed during the UREx San Juan 2080 scenario workshops.

Syracuse, Green Infrastructure, and K-12 Learning Opportunities

Green infrastructure is a unifying theme across the UREx SRN network cities, given its potential for stormwater management along with other benefits like heat mitigation and aesthetic improvements. Green infrastructure


In 1988, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed Hispanic Heritage Month, a month long event (Sept 15 - Oct 15), into law in order to honor the contributions of persons of

Sembrando resiliencia - ideas desde el Sur al Norte para la implementación

Sowing Resilience: Thoughts on Implementation from South to North -créditos de video, Sonia Hita Cañadas Construyendo Resiliencia Desde el Sur Global La dimensión del drama social en los países en

San Juan Heat Campaign

The Department of Environmental Health from the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus led in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Solutions from Portland State University, the CAPA Heat Watch

Sustainable Cities Workshop in Cairo

As you’ve probably heard, NSF is funding more than 22 workshops on sustainable urban systems that were proposed in response to the Dear Colleague Letter, “Conference Proposals on Concepts for

Sustainability graduate aims to change transportation sector

If it weren’t for the computer simulation game SimCity, Sean McElroy might never have discovered his passion for sustainable cities. As a high school student, McElroy designed a modern city

K-12 Outreach and UREx SRN

The URExSRN is a research network of almost 300 practitioners, researchers, students, and postdoctoral fellows working to integrate social, ecological, and technical systems toward the support of urban infrastructure in

UREx Science Outside the Lab (SOtL) – Summer 2018

[mensaje en español sigue] Who does the United States public trust to help in its efforts to become more resilient to extreme weather events and climate change? A 2016 Pew

UREx researchers reflect on positive visions for the future

Over the past year, it has become even more apparent that climate change is not some future event, but rather, something we are currently experiencing.  This has been demonstrated by

UREx-design pilot results in a collaborative model / Resultados del proyecto piloto de diseño de UREx en un modelo de colaboración

Society needs better integration between what our city is or will be (science) with visions of what our city should be (design). Integrating these two elements is no easy task.