In 1988, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed Hispanic Heritage Month, a month long event (Sept 15 - Oct 15), into law in order to honor the contributions of persons of Hispanic, Latina/o, Latin@, Latinx heritage; thus recognizing this period as a time for millions of individuals to celebrate their collective and country-specific ethnicities. Over the years, identity monikers have changed, with the most recent update as Latinx and Latinxs (plural for Latinx), pronounced la-teen-ex; this change was made to include non-binary, gender-neutral, LGBTQ, and gender-fluid individuals as an extension of what has already been recognized as a heterogeneous, U.S. Latin culture as a whole. As celebration comes to a close on Oct 15th, the UREx SRN would like to acknowledge the contributions of all Latinx SRN members and communities who are working on extremes research within the network! In the spirit of the UREx mission for diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Latinx Heritage month imageHappy Latinx/Heritage Month 2019!

Reference: Arredondo Advisory Group