Gilbert Solid Waste Management: Insights from Three Key Reports

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Gilbert Solid Waste Management: Insights from Three Key Reports

Throughout the summer 2023 and fall 2023 semesters, students from the Master of Sustainability Leadership capstone (MSL) program collaborated with the Town of Gilbert’s Solid Waste & Recycling Services on

Project Cities releases 15 new summary reports

We are pleased to announce the release of 15 new project summary reports for the City of Peoria, Town of Clarkdale, Town of Miami, Town of Gilbert, City of Phoenix

Beating the Heat: Arizona Faith Network in partnership with the Cooling Center and Arizona Heat Resilience Workgroups bring together lawmakers and city staff to visit local cooling centers

On the hottest day of the summer, with temperatures at 116 degrees Fahrenheit, several Arizona legislators invited by the Arizona Faith Network joined city staff and participants of the Arizona Heat Resilience and Cooling Center Workgroups on tours of local cooling centers and facilities in the Phoenix Metro area.

Heat Vulnerability Map and Cooling Solutions Webtool provides solutions for extreme heat

Communities are increasingly faced with mitigating challenges related to extreme heat. Decision-makers play a critical role in developing policies and solutions addressing the challenges of extreme heat. A collaborative decision-making approach ensures equitable urban cooling solutions, including data-informed decision-making.

Looking to the Future: Local communities celebrate regional resilience at the Maricopa Regional Resilience Celebration

As the threats of extreme heat, drought and climate change mount, stakeholders in Maricopa County are recognizing these challenges require a regional, coordinated response. On February 8, 2023, local leaders

Info of Interest - June 8, 2023

SCN Info of Interest–June 8, 2023June's SCN Info of Interest was sent out via email. Includes info on: Local First Arizona celebrating 20 years, SCN workgroup meetings, webinars, news, and

New summary report released: Strategies for Municipal Fleet Electrification

The future of transportation in cities lies in the implementation of fleet electric vehicles (EVs). With the benefits of decreasing fossil fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs, the City of Peoria is identifying opportunities for more sustainable transit systems.

Partnership highlight: ASU class helps small Arizona town with tourism, retention planning

ASU News highlighted a recent partnership between Project Cities and the Town of Miami!

Info of Interest - May 23, 2023

SCN Info of Interest–May 23, 2023May's SCN Info of Interest was sent out via email. Includes info on: City of Flagstaff awarded Partners for Places Grant, SCN workgroup meetings, webinars,

Project Cities highlight: Landscape architecture student creates xeriscape designs for city of Phoenix

ASU News highlighted a recent partnership between Project Cities and the City of Phoenix Water Services!

New summary report released: Resource Guide to Support Aging in Place

As one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona, Peoria’s population continues to age, creating a need for the City to further develop its resources available for its population of older adults to ensure the well-being and active participation of all members of the community.

Students kick off partnership with Town of Miami

The Town of Miami is a historic community with a rich history in copper mining. Incorporated in 1918, the Town established itself as a copper boom town while blending a new wave of business, arts, and tourism.