Project Cities releases 15 new summary reports

We are pleased to announce the release of 15 new project summary reports for the City of Peoria, Town of Clarkdale, Town of Miami, Town of Gilbert, City of Phoenix Water Services Department, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality - Water Quality Division! These final summary reports are the combined efforts of 207 undergraduate and graduate students from 20 ASU courses. We hope the reports will provide valuable insights, background research, and out-of-the-box strategies to assist our partner communities in their decision-making.

Designing Innovative Waste Stream Diversion Opportunities - Town of Gilbert

Undergraduate students from the School of Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy researched and proposed opportunities for waste stream diversion, focusing on a solid waste facility. 

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Solid Waste Fleet & Equipment Optimization Strategies - Town of Gilbert

Undergraduate students from the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment identified opportunities to optimize Gilbert's solid waste fleet; looking at scheduling, vehicle maintenance, and routes.

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Exploring Community-Engaged Strategies to Establish Miami as a Destination  - Town of Miami

Undergraduate students from the School of Social Transformation interviewed Miami residents to create life histories.

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Residential Xeriscape Plan Designs for Water Conservation - City of Phoenix Water Services Department

One landscape design student collaborated with Phoenix's Water Services department to draft xeriscape designs for residential lawns.

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Bitter Creek Industrial Park: Housing Analysis & Transportation Design - Town of Clarkdale

Students from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning researched peer communities and provided Clarkdale with housing planning recommendations.

Students from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering EPICS program used design thinking strategies to identify areas and methods for developing a transportation design.

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Strategies and Opportunities for a Community Arts Incubator - Town of Clarkdale

Graduate students from The Design School explored peer community art incubators programs, recommended potential operating and funding structures, and identified critical partners for the development of a community arts incubator to support local artists.

Graduate students from the School of Public Affairs researched peer community arts incubators to recommend entrepreneurship programming, recommend how to leverage an arts incubator for placemaking and historic preservation, and research grants and other opportunities for how to fund an arts incubator in Clarkdale.

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Identifying Resident Priorities Through a Community Survey - Town of Clarkdale

One graduate student from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning collaborated with the Town Manager’s Office and related departments to design and distribute a community survey to community members.

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Sustainability Assessment & Urban Infrastructure - City of Peoria

Students from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering collaborated with the City’s Sustainability and Water Conservation Coordinator to review peer community sustainability dashboards and green building codes to recommend strategies for the City of Peoria to build out its sustainability planning.

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Palo Verde Ruin Historic Plan Review & Community Survey - City of Peoria

Three capstone students from the School of Public Affairs distributed and analyzed community survey results to recommend strategies for present and future development of the Palo Verde Ruin.

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Strategies for Peoria Data & Content Management - City of Peoria

Undergraduate and graduate Technical Communication students collaborated with Peoria’s Chief Information Office to select a subsection of the website for analysis and identify industry standards the City could incorporate to make the website more efficient. 

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Microtransit Feasibility Assessment - City of Peoria

Undergraduate students from the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment researched microtransit models in other urban areas and identified opportunities for implementing microtransit in Peoria’s existing transportation systems.

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Green Waste Scaling - City of Peoria

One capstone student conducted a life cycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis for green waste.

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Extreme Heat Communication Strategies - City of Peoria

Students from the College of Integrative Arts & Sciences designed messaging about extreme heat for the City of Peoria using eye-tracking technology and focusing on specific user audiences. 

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Resource Guide to Support Aging In Place - City of Peoria

Graduate students from the Edson College of Nursing and Health reviewed age-friendly guides to recommend interventions for a Senior Resource Guide. 

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Oak Creek Visitor Information Campaign - ADEQ Water Quality Division

One doctoral student and four undergraduate students from the School of Sustainability conducted interviews and surveys with stakeholders to measure the effectiveness of the messaging campaign.

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