New publications shed light on biodiversity conservation

Montage of hand holding light bulb with water and fish insideASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes faculty, students and partners have been busy advancing cutting-edge research that supports biodiversity conservation understanding and decision-making. We present you some of their most recent publications: Ayers, A. L., Kittinger, J. N., and Vaughan, M. B. 2018. Whose right to manage? Distribution property rights affects equity and power dynamics in comanagement. Ecology and Society. 23(2):37. PDF. Cheng, S. H., Augustin, C., Betchel, A., Gill, D., Anzaroot, S., Brun, J., DeWilde, B., Minnich, R. C., Garside, R., Masuda, Y.J., Miller, D. C., Wilkie, D., Wongbusarakum, S., and McKinnon, M. C. 2018. Using machine learning to advance synthesis and use of conservation and environmental evidence. Conservation Biology. 32(4): 762-764. PDF. Ferry Slik, J. W., Franklin, J., Arroyo-Rodriguez, V., Field, R., Salomon, A., Aguirre, N., Ahumada, J., et at. Phylogenetic classification of the world’s tropical forests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 115(8): 1837-1842. PDF. Mancha-Cisneros, M. M., Suarez-Castillo, A N., Torre, J., Andreis, J. M., and Gerber, L. R. 2018. The role of stakeholder perceptions and institutions for marine reserve efficacy in the Midriff Islands Region, Gulf of California, Mexico. Ocean Costal Management. 162: 181-192. PDF. Wedding, L. M., Lecky, J., Gove, J. M., Walecka, H. R., Donovan, M. K., Williams, G. J., Jouffray, J., Crowder, L. B., Erickson, A., Falinski, K., Friedlander, A. M., Kappel, C. V., Kittinger, J. N., McCoy, K., Norström, A., Nyström, M., L. Oleson, K. L., Stamoulis, K. A., White, C., and Selkoe, K. A. 2018. Advancing the integration of spatial data to map human and natural drivers on coral reefs. PLOS One. 13. PDF.