Event announcement: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Sustainability Seminar

How can the land practices of indigenous peoples assist today’s sustainability researchers and educators? That is what our seminar on traditional ecological knowledge and sustainability aims to find out.

People have lived in the southwest for about 13,000 years—that’s a lot of traditional ecological knowledge to learn. This five-day seminar will explore and identify the traditional ecological knowledge and sustainability link though many different lenses.

At the seminar, ten scholars share their interpretation of traditional ecological knowledge and how it fits into current sustainability practices. Discussions will form later and the scholar presentations will be available as a book series, New Directions in Sustainability and Society.

Speakers come from many disciplines including: philosophy, resource management, arts, law, and agriculture.

This seminar is made possible by the contributions from the Amerind Museum and Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.

Dates: Spring 2013

For more information, contact:

Melissa Nelson
[email protected]

Dan Shilling
[email protected]