Cambridge University Press announces book series: New Directions in Sustainability and Society

In partnership with Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, and the Amerind Foundation, Cambridge University Press will publish a book series about progress for a sustainable future.

The book series, edited by Christopher Boone, associate dean of Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and Norman Yoffee, professor emeritus at University of Michigan’s Department of Anthropology and Department of Near Eastern Studies, defines "sustainability" as a practice that "seeks to reduce environmental degradation and improve human well-being by maintaining and strengthening the social and ecological systems that support us."

The series emphasizes on combining and merging expertise from a wide range of disciplines—the humanities, social sciences, applied sciences, and natural sciences. Boone and Yoffee assert that in order to achieve a sustainable future, behavior must be changed. But how does one change behavior?

The editors welcome proposals for volumes and for seminars at the Amerind Foundation that contribute to sustainability themes. These are:

  • equity and justice
  • trade-offs and scale
  • vulnerability and resilience
  • bio and cultural diversity
  • long-term perspectives

Ultimately, the book series aims to raise awareness to the current human-environment disconnection and interactions. Researchers and the public will be able to make positive changes to create a more sustainable world.