Sustainability students promote "Green Growth" for Islands

Student and Alumni Spotlights

Sustainability students promote "Green Growth" for Islands

Pacific islands, including Hawai’i, are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, especially sea-level rise, and extreme weather events. That’s why Master of Sustainability Solutions (MSUS) students Hailey Campbell, Latrell

Meet sustainability alum Jasmine Bolich

School of Sustainabilty 2020 alum Jasmine Bolich is passionate about film production, and wants to make a positive impact in the industry through being an advocate for sustainability practices. In

Meet sustainability student Sukhmani Singh

School of Sustainability student Sukhmani Singh aims to establish a career as an environmental lawyer. With several internships and extracurricular activities at Arizona State University already under her belt, she's

Local innovation for local beer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly every business to adapt their business model to ever changing times, and small businesses especially are now having to live by nature's rule —

Meet Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership alum Jessica Lerner

Jessica Lerner, a recent graduate of the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership (EMSL), sees sustainability as starting on an individual level and expanding outward. “Global issues...can feel overwhelming, but things

Meet sustainability alum and secretary of the CLFSA Maria Coca

Maria Coca Ascencio felt destined to study sustainability. “I grew up surrounded by mountains, volcanos, calderas, trees, rivers, and dark skies viewing millions of stars with the naked eye,” Coca

Amplifying Black Lives Matter for a sustainable future

This article was written by William Walker VI, a junior in the School of Sustainability As environmentalists and caretakers of the earth, it is our duty to ensure the prosperity

Now emerging from a sustainable business incubator: “Together We Brew”

From his experiences in the beverage business, Master of Sustainability Solutions student Nicholas Shivka was painfully aware of how hard it is for local businesses to compete with the global

Meet Master of Sustainability Leadership alumnus David Ginn

One of the many changes David Ginn experienced as he moved from rural Pennsylvania to metropolitan Phoenix was the increase in his concern for the growing climate crisis. Motivated to

Meet Master of Sustainability Leadership alumna Laura Friedman

Overworked and experiencing health issues, Laura Friedman knew she needed to make major life changes. So, when her son recommended she go to college, she didn’t hesitate. “I researched online

Meet Master of Sustainability Leadership alumnus Joseph Aubert

Joseph Aubert was looking to make a career change when he discovered corporate sustainability. Excited by the opportunity, he applied to Arizona State University’s Master of Sustainability Leadership (MSL) program.

Meet Master of Sustainability Leadership alumna Sydney Lund

A native of Southern California, Sydney Lund had been taught to be environmentally conscious from a young age. But it wasn’t until her undergrad that her passion for sustainability was