STACC report released: Status of Tribes and Climate Change

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities

STACC report released: Status of Tribes and Climate Change

Senior Global Futures Scientist Otakuye Conroy-Ben is a co-author on the report. Her contribution to a chapter on water quality discusses the outlook of Tribal drinking water with respect to regulated and unregulated contaminants.

Connecting the dots: Redlining and heat resilience in Phoenix

ASU's Knowledge Exchange for Resilience examines how the historical legacy of redlining — a practice that denied home loans to people of color — affects a community's vulnerability to extreme temperatures today.

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AP: People of color are far more likely to live in extreme urban heat zones

The Associated Press interviewed sustainability scientist Glenn Sheriff for an article that saw readership of over 31 million. The work was also covered by CNN and the Washington Post, as well as local NBC affiliate 12 News.

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What climate science loses without enough black researchers

Sustainability scientist Vernon Morris sits down with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu to talk about inequitable representation in academia and STEM careers, and the impact of this on climate change policies.

Student-led course: Intersectional environmentalism and sustainability

The course examined how identities such as race, class, and gender create different realities for different people and how those people navigate the world around them.

May 20: Global Accessibility Awareness Day at ASU

This virtual conference is a great introduction to accessibility for faculty, staff and students who create online content. Topics include accessible course design, inclusive pedagogy and ASU accessibility resources.

Implicit bias and microaggressions training

Attendees will engage in the topic of implicit bias and microaggressions with a thoughtful dialogue with the presenter. There are two training dates available on May 7 and June 11. ASURITE login required.

April 22: Ayanna Thompson, author of new book, Blackface

This important book explains what blackface is, why it occurred, and its 21st-century legacies. Blackface examines that history and provides hope for a future with new performance paradigms. Join us April 22 for a discussion with the author.

Recap: Measuring impact using the Sustainable Development Goals framework

  On Wednesday, March 24, Project Cities Program Manager Steve Russell was joined by Dr. Gregory Broberg, community partners Tracie Hlavinka (Town of Clarkdale) and Jay Davies (City of Peoria),

April 8-9: ASU Diversity and Inclusion Conference

ASU Staff Council sponsors the 1st Annual Conference on Diversity and Inclusion at the university to provide a venue for exchange of innovative ideas and facilitate action.

May 13: Positionality, reflexivity and bias in research

This workshop is appropriate as an introduction for scholars interested in developing ethically grounded reflexive approaches to research methods.

March 4: Embracing Our Charter: Leading Inclusion at ASU and Beyond

Panelists will share their experience and leadership strategies in their work to confront systemic racism and promote inclusive practices and initiatives. This event is open to all ASU faculty, staff and students.