Entrepreneur Magazine: These are the reasons why you will return to your desk

SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

Entrepreneur Magazine: These are the reasons why you will return to your desk

In a piece for The Conversation and republished in Entrepreneur magazine, Global Futures Scientist Deborah Salon and colleagues talk about the future of the office after the coronavirus lockdown. Entrepreneur has a readership of over 3 million.

New paper on resilience of urban economic structures

A resilience researcher and blogger compares sustainability scientist Shade Shutters to a wise forester, looking not at what makes trees fall, but what makes them stand. It's an interesting take on a new piece out in the journal Sustainability.

Recap: Measuring impact using the Sustainable Development Goals framework

  On Wednesday, March 24, Project Cities Program Manager Steve Russell was joined by Dr. Gregory Broberg, community partners Tracie Hlavinka (Town of Clarkdale) and Jay Davies (City of Peoria),

If “the economy” is collapsing, how do people survive?

In this Medium post, the Human Economies Working Group of the Global Futures Laboratory discusses the importance of the informal economy, especially in times of crisis. The authors advocate for "an understanding of economic activity that...is centered on the long-term well-being of humans and the rest of the planet."

Mapping the nexus of economic growth, inequality and environment

There is a clear pattern on the role of reduced inequality in positively affecting environmental and economic trajectories, according to a new paper by sustainability scientists Datu Buyung Agusdinata and Rimjhim Aggarwal.

DesRoches elected president of International Network for Economic Method

Sustainability scientist Tyler DesRoches has been elected president if INEM, the largest professional organization for philosophy and methodology of economics in the world. DesRoches is one of a few philosophers and methodologists of economics working on sustainability issues.

Hodge: Economy, public health in tug-of-war

The director of ASU's Center for Public Health Law and Policy has fielded more than 500 inquiries seeking guidance on public health law and policy issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read his interview with ASU Now.

Ostrom documentary: Actual World, Possible Future

Actual World, Possible Future explores the lives and work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom, who sought to address the enormous problems that plague human societies: climate change, endangered species, ocean pollution, deforestation.

The myth of infinite growth on a finite planet

Sustainability Scholar Christopher F. Jones reviews the history of what climate activist Greta Thunberg calls the “fairytale of eternal economic growth.” Jones describes the model of infinite growth as a recent departure from the history of economics rather than a timeless law of nature.

ASU, CI and Potsdam researchers explore future of Alto Mayo, Peru

Conservation International and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research partnered with Arizona State University to map out potential futures for the region they hope to link to the National Coffee Action Plan 2018-2030.

Sustainability scientist to explore farm labor shortages, immigration policy

An ASU Now story discusses the complicated matrix of farm labor, wages, costs and consumer prices when it comes to getting produce onto our plates. The growers who produce that produce have been sounding the alarm in recent years that the lack of farm labor is cutting into their livelihoods and leaving crops unharvested in the fields.