Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures: Women empowerment for food security

WE Empower Challenge

Thokozani Chimasula

Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures: Women empowerment for food security

“Tac-Maz's vision is to achieve a society which is food secure in the face of climate change. With this vision, the enterprise highly includes the ‘leaving no one behind’ by

Jill Tang

Ladies Who Tech: Women breaking the glass ceiling

“There is a mum I know who is an engineer; she told me that she actively discouraged her daughter from studying science despite how much she loved it, because her

Rachel boon

R and D Entrepreneurship and Outsourcing Center plc: Redefining Ethiopia

“I believe all of our work will be able to help create decent jobs for many Ethiopians/Africans without them having to move from place to place. And innovative professionals are

Karen Carvajalino

From entry level to entrepreneur with The Biz Nation

"We sell online courses focused on education that can help our students change their lives, break their poverty cycle, advance in their professional careers, and generate more income, whether it

Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin

MADCash: Lending a little, giving a lot

“One of the challenges that we see is the fact that women hold themselves back. We need to inculcate the mindset that as a woman, one can be rich, one

Andrea Barber

Rated Power: Merging tech and engineering to bring a new name to renewable energy

Prior to founding Rated Power, Andrea Barber worked in a multinational engineering services firm. This field of work had an alignment to a male dominated industry which provided barriers to women progressing to management positions.

andy blair upflow

Upflow - Harnessing the Earth’s energy for good

“Our mission is to change existing thinking and inspire others to use STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and maths) so they can solve the world’s most pressing problems.”  -Andy Blair


Dosy - Letting women drive their own futures

“Our mission is to empower women through breaking the social stereotypes and social stigma of women riding scooters and bicycles in conservative societies like Egypt,” -Menna Farouk Menna Farouk -


Millennium Engineers - Spearheading a sustainable future

“My personal mission is to bring groundbreaking innovative solutions to communities and industries across Africa that add value to people’s lives while advocating for gender equality,” - Diana Mbogo Diana


Origen Air™ - pure air for healthy bodies, healthy buildings and a healthy planet

“We look towards a future in which we not only cultivate healthy spaces for humans, but also contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, joining many others in

Innova Nation - building the next generation of sustainable entrepreneurs

Though previously a lawyer, Karin Sempf has found purpose through her work as a businesswoman, changemaker, and educator. She is the founder of the educational lab Innova Nation, which aims to inspire and educate children ages eight to 18 to think sustainably and to solve problems through the lens of an entrepreneur.

WE Empower Awardee wins Earthshot Prize 2023

2021 WE Empower Awardee, Nidhi Pant (India), won the Earthshot Prize 2023 in the ‘Build a Waste-Free World’ category. Nidhi won 1 million pounds to help scale her business, S4S