Working toward advances in carbon capture to turn the tide on climate change

Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing

Working toward advances in carbon capture to turn the tide on climate change

As global challenges go, significantly reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that have accumulated in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans is most certainly among the most daunting. Those gases,

Garbage into gold: Circular economy research makes plastic more sustainable

Since the 1950s, plastics have changed our lives. But these amazing materials are mostly made of fossil hydrocarbons like oil, gas and coal — and none are biodegradable. So, the

Professor's work on polymers recognized through NSF grant and American Chemical Society Award

Products manufactured using plastics, foams and other polymers are used around the world. Globally, over 660 billion pounds of polymers are produced every year for use in homes, cars, furniture,

Are laundry and dish pods biodegradable? Not exactly, ASU study shows

Laundry and dishwasher pods: The simplicity of grabbing a pod and tossing it into a washing machine or dishwasher has made them a popular choice for many consumers for nearly

Biodesign researchers collaborate to develop innovative manufacturing for modern industries

Every day we interact with products manufactured using polymer chemistry — whether shower stalls, automotive parts, concrete structures or a wide range of plastics. Modern fabrication utilizes additive manufacturing, in

Biodesign, on a research roll, announces new centers, state-of-the-art X-ray lab

The Biodesign Institute at ASU significantly expands its scientific enterprise, announcing three new centers/labs to advance explorations in the fields of microbiomics, green chemistry and pioneering compact X-ray science. With

Two women researchers in lab, wearing masks.

Undaunted: ASU Science forges ahead, despite worldwide crisis

The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of daily life in Arizona and across the nation, putting many summer activities on pause in the