Scoping the space of carbon removal standards and certification


Scoping the space of carbon removal standards and certification

New research on the verification of carbon removal published in the international journal Climate Policy reveals a complex, rapidly expanding certification ecosystem with many actors, standards, and certification products. Some

Carbon Collect MechanicalTree™- Designing Direct Air Capture Solutions

Our dependence on the unabated burning of fossil fuels drives the relentless rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, worsening the climate crisis. Historic wildfires and heat waves are becoming a regular summer occurrence in the Northwestern US, while unprecedented freezes are shutting down parts of Texas for several weeks.

In The News; Arizona: The Economic Development Power of Clean Energy

Recently published by GreenLiving, ASU LightWorks' Bill Brandt explores the intersection of economic development and clean energy. Arizona is well-positioned for zero-carbon clean energy with more solar. The installation pace

The economic development power of clean energy in Arizona

Can clean energy be a contributor to benefit economic growth? In our recent webinar LightWorks poses this important question to local community and utility leaders and learned of two main factors that contribute to desirable economic growth: 1. They create more jobs per-dollar invested than traditional technologies and 2. They primarily use local resources; most of the energy dollars circulate in the local economy

Decarbonizing data centers

The world runs on data. On an average, every second of the day, each person produces 1.7MB of data. This implies nothing else but that data centers are the fastest

777 Tower is first building in Novus to earn LEED Gold certification

The 777 Tower, a six-story, 16,907 square-foot mixed-use office building in the Novus Innovation Corridor on ASU's Tempe campus has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building

DeFi, NFTs, Cryptos: What really is Blockchain?

Written by: Rutva Patel, a masters student working withASU LightWorks on the Digital Carbon WarehouseAdvised by: Todd Taylor, blockchain expert, Thunderbird School of Global Management A blockchain is essentially a

You can’t manage what you can’t measure: Implications of Scope 3 Emissions

By: Dylan Shapiro and Rutva Patel, Masters students working with ASU LightWorks on the Digital Carbon Warehouse This week’s blog post will address some of the nuances and misconceptions of

"COVID-19 has revealed some of the weaknesses in the energy system": Gary Dirks talks energy transitions with International Policy Digest

In this exchange, Dirks shares ASU's history in energy research and why this pandemic has shined a brighter light on the need to transition fuel sourcing and production away from fossils and to renewables.

2021 - Digital carbon management in a new era

Hello everyone!We finally made it… although the trials and tribulations of 2020 are still waning, 2021 has the potential to be a great year. With most people and companies fully

2020 closes out with a promising nod to future carbon markets

As the year 2020 nears its inevitable end it’s nice to reflect back and take note of things that worked, things that didn’t work and stuff to just plain, avoid.

Understanding Decarbonization, What’s in the toolbox? Offsets?

In 1992 the United Nations came together for its first-ever, “Earth Summit,” and began to acknowledge the requisite issue of climate change at a global level. Since then, sustainability has