2 ASU professors appointed as first-ever Navrotsky Professors of Materials Research

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2 ASU professors appointed as first-ever Navrotsky Professors of Materials Research

Candace Chan, an associate professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, and Dan (Sang-Heon) Shim, a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, were selected for the professorship based on their significant contributions in the field of materials research.

New construction at Intel in Chandler, AZ

America once dominated the semiconductor industry. Here's why we must win again

2021 Highlights

High school senior Nicholas To joined the group in the Summer 2021. Together with ASU undergraduate Ivan Matyushov he assembled acoustic levitator using design published my Marzo et al. (2017).

Graduate Students from our PIRE project

Here is one of our graduate student Gerson Leonel performing Raman spectroscopy at Kansas State Univ. as part of our PIRE project.

Holiday letter 2021

Another year has flown by; I have now been in AZ over two years — and what a crazy, fastmoving, wonderful, exciting, satisfying, frustrating, surprising time it has been. I have been healthy, triply vaccinated (two Pfizer, one Moderna, no ill effects other than a sore arm) and am part of a trial of a nifty tiny neutralizing antibody detector designed by an immunologist colleague.

A research agenda for disinformation: How to make progress when computer science is not enough

Disinformation is a quintessential socio-technical challenge – it is driven fundamentally by people and amplified significantly by technology. As such, technological solutions alone will not be sufficient in addressing this

a computer chip

A first look at TSMC’s giant 5-nanometer chip fab being built in Phoenix

Can computing combat climate change?

ASU expert Nadya Bliss highlights role of computing research in addressing climate change-induced challenges.

My View: This Arizona industry makes something small. But it's really big

Arizona leaders launch new partnership aimed at boosting US semiconductor industry

The new program is called the National Semiconductor Economic Roadmap (NSER) and it is focused on improving American infrastructure and supply chains for the chipmaking space. Arizona State University is