New microscopy method offers 3D tracking of 100 single molecules at once

Bioelectronics and Biosensors

New microscopy method offers 3D tracking of 100 single molecules at once

Since its invention over 400 years ago, the microscope has continued to evolve, peering ever deeper into nature’s mysteries at the smallest scales. In new research, Prof. Shaopeng Wang, his postdoctoral

The Palumbo Charitable Trust awards Erica Forzani $50,000

The Palumbo Charitable Trust awarded Erica Forzani $50,000 to pursue “A novel contactless system to monitor energy balance and physical fitness under free-living conditions.” The grant will aid Forzani’s research of obesity and underweight problems that cause health struggles for so many individuals. Forzani, an associate professor in Biodesign’s Center for Bioelectronics and Biosensors, and her team will focus on analyzing the effect of exercise and physical fitness on resting and

Erica Forzani

National Academy of Inventors elevates Forzani to senior member

Erica Forzani helped bring the world the first mobile device capable of detecting inflammatory biomarkers for asthma and the first point-of-care mobile sensor for real-time detection of carbon dioxide. A faculty

Technique permits convenient, precise optical imaging of individual proteins

Often considered the workhorses of the body, proteins are among the most important biomolecules critical to life processes. They provide structural foundation for cells and tissues and perform a dizzying

Two women researchers in lab, wearing masks.

Undaunted: ASU Science forges ahead, despite worldwide crisis

The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of daily life in Arizona and across the nation, putting many summer activities on pause in the

Shaopeng Wang

Bacteria visualized with remarkable clarity thanks to new technique

An escalating arms race between disease-causing bacteria and the antibiotic weapons humans have designed to fight them, continues. Disturbingly, pathogenic microbes are often outwitting our best efforts, developing resistance to