SPRI welcomes incoming PhD students

  SPRI is excited to welcome two incoming PhD students focused on sustainable purchasing. Both Abrar Alzayer and Ankita Singh will be connecting with SPRI and supporting our research. Please join us in welcoming Abrar and Ankita and read more about their backgrounds and research interests here. Abrar Alzayer is an incoming PhD student in Sustainability originally from Saudi Arabia. She pursued her Master's degree in Business Administration from Mercer University in Atlanta and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. She also has a two-year diploma in accounting and two years of work experience in various industries. She worked at a non-profit organization that is recognized as a top green company in Atlanta. Abrar has always been passionate about sustainability and hopes to use her knowledge to encourage organizations to behave more sustainably. Her research interests lie in sustainable purchasing strategies, the engagement of internal stakeholders in sustainability concerns, and the effectiveness of sustainable procurement practices. Ankita Singh started her career as a software developer but changed track to follow her passion of working in the development sector. She has a Master's in Public Policy and Bachelor's in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Prior to beginning her PhD, she spent three years working with a think tank and media brand in India, on a wide array of projects related to sustainability, agriculture, health, social development, and innovation. Her research interests include sustainability policies and practices, agriculture and water stress. We are so excited to be working with them both and can't wait to see what they bring to the field of sustainable purchasing!