A Mother’s Care: 360Moms digital maternity support

We are working toward giving access to health support to all mothers across the world

Dina Abdul Majeed

Dina Abdul Majeed – Founder of 360Moms – Jordan

2022 WE Empower Awardee, Greater Middle East and North Africa

Parenting calls on undivided care and investment. Unfortunately, in many countries, it can be difficult to find basic quality resources for pregnancy and raising children. Dina Abdul Majeed faced that frustrating challenge along with many other mothers in Jordan and around the world, and now she is working to provide a solution for mothers everywhere through 360Moms.

A nurturing space

Becoming a mother is momentous. Supporting moms and their children is a critical need, and one which Majeed found inexcusably unmet when she sought help. “I couldn’t find any credible sources to give me answers, especially in the Arab Region,” she reflects. “I felt helpless.” No mom should be left helpless, and that conviction motivated Majeed to create 360Moms to make a change.

“I realized that this is a huge problem that not only I’m facing, but millions of mothers around the Arab region.” It’s a huge problem that extends beyond individual women, too. Empowering mothers and their kids is a matter of public health, education, and equity. That’s why 360Moms is designed to provide maternity support in all aspects, from education to services to community.

Knowledge for the next generation

The core of 360Moms is to be a “personal digital tool that answers mothers’ everyday health concerns and challenges,” in Majeed’s words. “We are aiming to make mothers’ lives easier, and giving them fast, trusted answers about their children’s health and wellbeing.” The key feature that Majeed needed for her own challenges is accessibility, which requires centralization. 360Moms is that collective source to direct women to the specific information they need at any given time.

According to Majeed, “We help over 500,000 monthly users get answers to their everyday health challenges, and this helps them support their children’s health and wellbeing wherever they are, and in many cases without the need to visit a doctor personally.” Importantly, 360Moms provides peace of mind by vetting every resource to verify that it is credible, accurate, and helpful. Dozens of experts ensure that mothers are able to make informed choices and find the best support for their needs. Whether through the website or the mobile app, 360Moms empowers mothers with guidance that is always available.

Everyone’s a winner

360Moms supports SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being by benefitting mothers and children as well as improving public health education. Majeed also strives to help women in the workplace through career counseling and workshops, which supports SDG 5 Gender Equality. Beneath all of this lies a foundation of community.

360Moms is ultimately a network of health professionals, medical services, and various experts who all also benefit by reaching a larger audience. Discounts and coupons are common to make healthcare more affordable for moms, but which also support small businesses. Combined with women’s career services, 360Moms has a big impact on SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. Majeed wants to make sure that no mother is left alone like she felt. Through direct connections with professional resources, 360Moms is achieving her goal and beyond.

We regularly shed light into inspirational working mothers that are a great example of leaders in their community, reaching hundreds of thousands of mothers. We aim to be role models for our community

Dina Abdul Majeed

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