Forrest explores AI pros and cons on expert panel

Stephanie Forrest joined Dr. Cris Moore, from the Santa Fe Institute, and Dr. Melanie Moses, from the University of New Mexico to discuss the opportunities and threats presented by recent developments in  artificial intelligence on April 11 at an event sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute. 

Forrest is a Professor in SCAI and Director of the Biodesign Center for Biocomputing, Security and Society.  She studies adaptive processes in natural and artificial systems with a focus on immunology, cybersecurity, and software engineering. 

The evening panel discussion held at the Lensic Center for the Performing Arts grappled with topics such as ChatGPT, AI’s understanding of ideas, and the biases and uses of AI. 

“So much of what we do as humans is just prediction — when we fill in gaps,” said Forrest. She explained that the way AI fills in conversation to curate seemingly educated answers may not be so different from human intelligence and communication.  The panel also discussed the need for AI systems to be grounded in physical reality, similarly to human intelligent systems. “The engineers who made these systems don’t yet know how to interrogate them or how to repair them when they fail.”

To listen and view the full lecture here.

Logan Alvarado