binary code

Technology to make fixing buggy programs easier

ASU is developing technologies to ease the repair of buggy programs after they have been deployed. The team includes researchers from the Biodesign Center for Biocomputing, Security and Society Tony Espinoza, Pemma Reiter and Stephanie Forrest and Adam Doupe and Ruong “Fish” Wang, from the ASU School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence.

As part of the $8 million DARPA-sponsored project, titled VOLT: A Viscous, Orchestrated Lifting and Translation Framework, the team is tackling the problem of repairing code that has been compiled to binary format when recompilation of the binary is not feasible.

In this demo, they outline how their method, called Diff-Patch, addresses the problem of repairing binary programs when the repair is available as source code.

Diff Patch AMP Demo v1