New summary report released: Resource Guide to Support Aging in Place

As one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona, Peoria’s population continues to age, creating a need for the City to further develop its resources available for its population of older adults to ensure the well-being and active participation of all members of the community. In response to this need, the City’s Neighborhood and Human Services Department is interested in developing a resource guide for older adults that includes information about the City’s health services, recreation programs, and classes, as well as how to be an active member of the community

In fall 2022, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation graduate students collaborated with Peoria’s Neighborhood and Human Services department to design a resource guide for Peoria’s aging population. 

The original student content is available on the Project Cities website. Read the full summary report here.  

Community livability

The City of Peoria has continuously demonstrated itself as a sustainable and livable community through its extensive offering of municipal services and forward-thinking planning. The City’s Livability Initiatives establish a framework of six priorities for the City to guide its mission

of “providing excellent municipal services by anticipating community needs,” (Peoria’s Vision, Mission and Values). To support its aging population, the City of Peoria is interested in offering a resource guide for its residents, including information about community services.

A Resource Guide to Support Aging in Place

Graduate students reviewed and recommended resources based on interconnected areas: Staying Active and Involved, Getting Around, Housing and In-Home Assistance, Food and Nutrition Assistance, Staying Health, Staying Safe, Helping People Who Care for Others, and Guiding People Through the Grieving Process. 

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