Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023 (1.14.2023)

Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis are supported in part by an independent educational grant from Pfizer.

Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023
Health Futures Center - Saturday, 14 January 2023

The Institute for Future Health is hosting a hybrid (in-person and Livestream) conference focused on building the
knowledge of cardiac amyloidosis amongst Arizona clinicians. This event was exclusively dedicated to cardiac amyloidosis a disease of protein misfolding that leads to congestive heart disease, disabling neuropathy, and other systemic conditions. Cardiac Amyoidosis can be caused by transthyretin or light-chain amyloidosis. the pace of knowledge in this field is greatly accelerating, and it is important for clinicians and scientists
to be aware of new developments.

Thank you to:
Alnylam, American College of Cardiology – Arizona Chapter
Arizona State University ASU Office of Interprofessional Continuing Health Education


Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023 | Event Videos:
1 - Welcome | Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023
2 - Building a Community Around ATTR CA: Lessons
3 - Red Flags, Clinical Presentation and Diagnostic Algorithm for Cardiac ATTR | UCA 2023
4 - Epidemiology, Health Equity, Population Screening in ATTR CA | UCA 2023
5 - Echocardiography and Strain Imaging in CA | Updates in
6 - Nuclear Cardiology Diagnosis | Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023
7 Panel discussion led by moderators | Updates in Cardiac
8 - Role of Genetic Testing | Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis
9 - Workup of Monoclonal Gammopathy | Updates in
10 - Neurological Presentations of ATTR | Updates in Cardiac
11 - Role of Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Biopsy/Pathology
12 - Amyloid (ATTR, AL) Therapy, Including Navigating Prior Authorization | UCA 2023
13 - Panel discussion by moderators | Updates in Cardiac
14 - Keynote Speaker: TTR Amyloid: How to Find Early and
15 Closing Remarks | Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis 2023