Students head to Town of Clarkdale for semester kickoff event

On September 22, 2022, students from 3 classes traveled to the Town of Clarkdale for the first in-person visit in two years. Joined by Clarkdale leadership and staff, students met with Town Manager Susan Guthrie, Community Development Director Ruth Mayday, and Mayor  Robyn Prud'homme-Bauer to brainstorm for their projects. 

Following a luncheon, students were led on a walking tour of Historic Downtown Clarkdale, which included the history of the mining town and how its Downtown Corridor developed. Students then met with local artists in town to begin scoping for the Community Arts Incubator project, which includes students from the School of Public Affairs and The Design School. For this project, students will recommend strategies and opportunities for the development of the Town’s first community arts incubator. Additionally, students from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning will work with the Town Manager to design and administer a community survey, which will gather input on the Town’s services for future strategic planning. 

Students on a walking tour of Clarkdale with Mayor Robyn Prud'homme-Bauer

Fall 2022 Projects

  • Community Survey. Students from Dr. Kelli Larson’s SOS/PUP 598 Topic: Social Survey will collaborate with the Town Manager’s Office and related departments to design and distribute a community survey to community members to gather input on community-related services. 
  • Community Arts Incubator: Opportunities. Students from Dr. Johanna Taylor’s HDA 514 Creativity and Impact, Opportunities for Change will explore peer community art incubators programs, recommend potential operating and funding structures, and identify critical partners for the development of a community arts incubator to support local artists. 
  • Community Arts Incubator: Strategies. Students from Dr. Daniel Schugurensky PAF 509 Public Affairs Capstone will research peer community arts incubators to recommend entrepreneurship programming, recommend how to leverage an arts incubator for placemaking and historic preservation, and research grants and other opportunities for how to fund an arts incubator in Clarkdale. 

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