Climate Conscious Leadership Takes Flight

ASU College of Global Futures recently concluded the pilot program for our new professional certificate course, Climate Conscious Leadership. The program focuses on how to effectively become a leader on climate issues within your professional context, to be more strategic and conscious within your organization, and to understand how the broader global context translates into practice.

We had 26 incredible professionals from diverse backgrounds and organizations join us for six weeks of unique online learning with ASU. Participants were spread across 11 US states and 4 countries; they represented companies such as Microsoft, U-Haul, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AstraZeneca, EY, and more.

"Climate change appears so daunting that we may want to hide in our fear-based belief that there is nothing we can do about it as individual leaders," says Hylke Faber, Leadership Coach and CCL Program Faculty. "In this course we look the climate challenge in the eye and get to know it and our authentic selves more deeply. We discover there is a lot we can do and that it provides us with a meaningful leadership opportunity to become a caring ancestor from within our organizations and for society at large."

Here is what alumni are saying about the Climate Conscious Leadership program:

“This course helped me realize that I needed to make a change and gave me the courage to go for it. That is a better outcome than I ever imagined.”

“I am honored to have had this opportunity to learn alongside an inspiring group of professionals from around the world seeking to find their own path to lead their communities and organizations in this desperately needed area of change.”

“I loved this course and I know this is just the beginning of great things!”

We look forward to offering this professional certificate again in 2023. If you are interested in enhancing your sustainability skillset, you can receive updates on this program by subscribing to our newsletter and keeping an eye on our website for announcements.

Written by Ryan Mores. For more information about ASU’s Executive and Professional Education please contact [email protected] to learn how ASU can support your sustainability goals.