The “When Women Lead” panel was convened by WE Empower UN SDG Challenge partner the Women Political Leaders Forum. In addition to Minister Rania Al-Mashat, Michelle Harrison (Global CEO, Public Division Kantar Public), Raquel Helen Silva (Girls20 Ambassador) and Rozaina Adam (Member of Parliament of Maldives) joined as panelists, and moderated by Amanda Ellis (Executive Director, Hawaii & Asia-Pacific, ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability).

3 Ways to Protect Biodiversity Today

The ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, in collaboration with the Conservation International Lab at ASU and Sustainable Earth, recently published a comprehensive article for conservationists of all ages and all places to help provide greater understanding of what they can do to be a protector of our planet's biodiversity. The article includes three easy behaviors that every human can do that will directly and positively impact biodiversity at a global scale. These actions include adding more plant-based foods into your diet, discover how you can reduce your daily water use and communicate directly with your elected officials and other government representatives. To learn more about what biodiversity is and how you can add your efforts to protecting the planet, read this article.