The Importance of Climate Consciousness: An Interview With Amanda Ellis, former UN ambassador for New Zealand

Leadership coach Hylke Faber sits down with Amanda Ellis to discuss the importance of climate consciousness is today's business landscape, and what young leaders can do to contribute towards climate action.

Climate Conscious Leadership is a brand new offering from ASU’s College of Global Futures which launches in May 2022. The program will focus on how to effectively become a leader on climate issues within your professional context, to be more strategic and conscious within your organization, and to understand how the broader global context translates into practice.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for mid-career professionals who are interested in or have responsibility for sustainability, ESG, and CSR responsibility in large and small companies, non-profit organizations, and in the government sector. These individuals will form the cohort of peers that will serve as your new professional network for sustainability and climate issues.

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Program Faculty

Hylke Faber’s mission is to realize his essence and help others do the same. He has been serving as a consultant, coach and facilitator for the last 25 years, working with large and small organizations across the globe. He is CEO of Growth Leaders Network and Constancee, the leadership and culture development consultancies and has taught the Leader as Coach programs at Columbia Business School. He also is the author of the award-winning book Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear and Become a True Leader and the sequel Taming Your Crocodiles Practices: Daily Practices for Leadership Depth.

George Basile is an internationally recognized leader and creative thinker in strategic planning for sustainability leadership and sustainable enterprise. He has led pioneering sustainability efforts in four sectors: for and non-profit enterprises, academia and communities. His work reframes sustainability as a “decision challenge,” focusing on how to plan and act strategically for sustainability opportunities by developing novel insights, methods and tools for effective and sustainable practices. Basile additionally works with Fortune 500 companies as well as small, medium and start-up enterprises that are pushing the boundaries on sustainable enterprise business-model innovation.