The Global KAITEKI Center: Recent publications and patents

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Recent publications

I. Circular Economy in the Chemical and Materials Industry

Thakker, V., & Bakshi, B. R. (2022). Multi-scale sustainable engineering: Integrated design of reaction networks, life cycles, and economic sectors. Computers & Chemical Engineering156, 107578.

Thakker, V. and Bakshi, B. (2021), “Designing Value-chains of Plastic and Paper Carrier Bags for a Sustainable and Circular Economy”, to be published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.

Thakker, V. and Bakshi, B. (2021), “Toward sustainable circular economies: A computational framework for assessment and design,” Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.295

II. Social Value of Innovation and Business for a KAITEKI Future

Miller J., McDaniel T., Bernstein MJ. (2020). Aging in Smart Environments for Independence. 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS), pp. 115-123, doi: 10.1109/ISTAS50296.2020.9462211.

Miller J., McDaniel T., Bernstein MJ. (2021) Next Steps for Social Robotics in an Aging World. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, (40)3, p21—23.

Keeler, L. W., & Bernstein, M. J. (2021). The future of aging in smart environments: Four scenarios of the United States in 2050. Futures133, 102830.

III. Sustainable Food Systems

Cosgrove, K., & Wharton, C. (2021). Predictors of COVID-19-related perceived improvements in dietary health: Results from a US cross-sectional study. Nutrients, 13(6), 2097.

IV. Design, Development and Testing of Innovative Materials for Urban Cooling

Anand, J., D.J. Sailor, A. Baniassadi, 2021. “The relative role of solar reflectance and thermal emittance for passive daytime radiative cooling technologies applied to rooftops,” Sustainable Cities and Society

Anand, J. and D.J. Sailor, 2021. “Role of pavement radiative and thermal properties in reducing excess heat in cities,” Solar Energy (Special Issue on Multiphysics Performance), Available online Oct. 2021

Alhazmi, M. D.J. Sailor, and J. Anand, 2022. “A New Perspective for Understanding the Actual Anthropogenic Heat Emissions from Buildings,” in press, Energy and Buildings,

Obando, C. J. & Kaloush, K. E., 2021. Estimating the Thermal Conductivity of Asphalt Binders. Journal of Testing and Evaluation.

V. Climate Change as a Waste Management Challenge

Lackner, K. S., & Azarabadi, H. (2021). Buying down the Cost of Direct Air Capture. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 60(22), 8196-8208.

Arcusa, S., & Lackner, K. (2022, February 23). Intergenerational equity and responsibility: a call to internalize impermanence into certifying carbon sequestration. OSF. Preprint.

Arcusa, S.H., & Sprenkle-Hyppolite, S. (2022, February 23). Snapshot of the Carbon Sequestration Certification Market Ecosystem. OSF. Preprint.

VI. Self-Actualization and Well-Being: Wearable Hybrid Robotic Suits

Geoffrey Clark, Joseph Campbell, Heni Ben Amor: “Learning Predictive Models for Ergonomic Control of Prosthetic Devices.”, International Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), 2020.

Recent patents

Aerogel Modified Bituminous Binders and Mixtures, application was filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office: serial number 63/210,891 filed on June 15, 2021.

Thermal Conductivity of Viscoelastic Materials, application was filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office: serial number 63/146,987 filed on February 8, 2021.

Systems and Methods for an Environment-Aware Predictive Modelling Framework for Human-Robot Symbiotic Walking G. Clark, X. Liu,, H. Ben Amor, U.S. Provisional Patent Application. Serial No. 63/210,187

Origami-inspired Wearable Robots for Trunk Support. Invention, Aukes, D. M., & Li, D. (2022). Disclosure M22-188P.