Future Cities episode 51: Green Infrastructure: Diversity in Perspectives and Applications

UREx Podcast LogoAlysha Helmrich and Maike Hamann host a discussion on the various perspectives surrounding green infrastructure (GI) with Vinicius Taguchi, Stephen Elser, Clair Cooper, and Zbigniew Grabowski, exploring insights from engineering, public health, ecology, and more! This podcast was inspired by an UREx SRN early career symposium--Get Ready, Get SETS: GI! (Website pending publication in August 2021). Below are links to references mentioned throughout the episode. Selection of Previous Future Cities GI Episodes: Wetlands as Green Infrastructure in Valdivia, ChileGreen Stormwater Management in Three U.S. CitiesTrees to Help Cities BreatheThe Many Names of Urban Nature CREATE Initiative: Green Gentrification Policy Toolkit Follow us on Twitter! @FutureCitiesPod @stephen_elser @MaikeHamann @cooper_clair @zjgrabowski Listen on iTunes, StitcherGoogle Podcasts, Spotify, or Buzzsprout. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes, e-mail us at [email protected] or find us on Twitter @FutureCitiesPod. Learn more about the Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) at www.sustainability.asu.edu/urbanresilience.