ASU’s Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative partners with United Nations Environment Programme on 2022 Global Report of Sustainable Public Procurement

The United Nations Environment Programme has partnered with Arizona State University's Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative (SPRI) and a team of researchers around the world to produce its 2022 Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement. Building on the findings of the UN's first edition of the Global Review published in 2013 and the second edition published in 2017, this report will examine the state of sustainable public procurement (SPP) policies and practices globally. The 2022 Global Review is scheduled for publication in the fall. It will include results from a survey of SPP leaders in more than 165 countries, expert interviews, and case studies. The report will also feature best practices, trends, and approaches that governments of all sizes can utilize to advance their SPP efforts. SPRI will introduce a new section within the 2022 Global Review that features SPP within local governments. The addition builds on SPRI's recent research that surveys more than 2,500 local governments within the United States, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Japan. This innovative research seeks to learn about the successes and limitations of sustainable green purchasing. SPRI is looking forward to sharing the comparative analysis in the 2022 Global Report on Sustainable Public Procurement. To learn more about the SPRI research, visit The 2017 Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement can be found at