ASU Student Clubs and Organizations Involved with Sustainable Food Systems

These clubs and organizations at ASU are a great place to meet others with interests in sustainable food systems and get hands-on experience with projects. Check them out on SunDevilSync to learn more about how you can get involved! If you know of any other ASU clubs or organizations that should be added to this list, please let us know! You can email the Swette Center at [email protected]  Gardens at ASU “There sure is a lot that could be said about this beautiful community, but words do not quite capture it. It is all inclusive, for food is in all our lives. It is low commitment, yet daily active. It is growing... 😉 and it is literally changing the landscape and culture at ASU. To experience this, to see this, just come. Come to an event, come to the garden, come hang with someone from the club. Do this and you will "see'd". And to plant a seed, is to believe in our future.” Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives “Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives is a student-run organization incorporating volunteer opportunities, events, projects, and sustainability meetings on campus. CSSI strives to bring sustainable change by educating students, staff, and faculty alike in how ASU can be a more sustainable university and a sustainable leader in higher education.” Pitchfork Pantry “Pitchfork Pantry is a student-run food pantry that serves ALL ASU students. The Pitchfork Pantry serves to fight food insecurity and promote well-being, sustainability, and food recovery. With the support of local community organizations, they provide packages containing a variety of hygiene products and non-perishable and fresh food items. Any ASU student is able to receive food from any location, regardless of the campus at which the student regularly attends." Cultivate Downtown Garden Club at ASU “Cultivate is an organization where students can improve their knowledge of gardening, farm to table practices and the use of plants as food, while participating in community service activities and getting to know other students. We welcome any Downtown Phoenix undergraduate and graduate students to join us.”