The Sustainability Consortium releases 2021 impact report

Many consumers rarely think about where the food and products they buy come from, nor do they understand how harmful the production of these items can be on people and our environment. In fact, these consumer goods are responsible for 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, two-thirds of tropical deforestation, 80% of global water use and three-quarters of forced and child labor. That’s a message that Arizona State University’s Sustainability Consortium (TSC) tries to convey to the public in their annual impact report. This report, released on May 13, shows the work they do is helping consumer goods companies have a positive impact on the planet. "Our data is showing that our work and engagement with retailers is continuing to make progress on people and the environment," said Kevin Dooley, TSC’s chief research scientist and a senior sustainability scientist. "We’re not only influencing the big leaders but it’s trickling to the privately owned medium- and small-sized companies that are not usually known for practicing sustainability." This year's report shows that manufacturers' scores have improved 7% from 2019 to 2020 and 38% since 2016. Read more on ASU News.