Housing is Health Care: New Morrison Institute report

It's considerably less costly to provide permanent supportive housing to people with chronic mental illness than if they experience frequent homelessness. This according to Housing is Health Care, a Morrison Institute report released May 12 concludes. Some individuals with serious mental illness experience severe, long-term symptoms of their disease. They may lack insight into their condition, not adhere to treatment, and have high support needs, among other challenges. These individuals can be considered to have a chronic form of serious mental illness. Without appropriate treatment, support, and housing, they can experience recurrent crisis episodes, homelessness, and frequent interactions with emergency, criminal justice, and health systems, incurring great public expense. The Morrison Institute study examines how housing and in-home supports affect public spending on individuals with chronic mental illness in Maricopa County and outlines recommendations from interviews with dozens of experts who work with and care for individuals with chronic mental illness in Maricopa County about reducing costs and improving care.