UCRC 2020 Poster Event Winners!

The Urban Climate Research Center congratulates all of the participants in this year’s virtual poster event. The format worked out quite well, resulting in very engaging discussions of all posters presented.

We are also very happy to announce the winners of this year’s event.

1st Place Graduate Student category: Alyssa Henning, “Estimating Personal Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure During Outdoor Activities with Wearable Sensors”


2nd Place Graduate Student catetory: Aldo Brandi, “Influence of Projected Climate Change, Urban Development, and Heat Adaptation Strategies on End of 21st Century Urban Boundary Layers in the Conterminous US”


1st Place Undergraduate Student category: Ananth Udupa, “Thermal Panoramas for Urban Climate Applications”


Honorable mentions: Mary Wright, Omar Galal


Please visit the poster site to view presentations from all participants!