Decision Center for a Desert City is featured in OECD report

A new report from OECD, Addressing societal challenges using transdisciplinary research, examines how transdisciplinary research can be used to address complex societal challenges. The report is based in large part on analysis of 28 case studies to identify the key obstacles to effectively implementing transdisciplinary research and make recommendations for best practices.

The ASU Decision Center for a Desert City is featured as one of the case studies (p. 43) and was recommended to OECD by the National Science Foundation as an exemplary project illustrating best practices. DCDC is one of only three case studies located in North America, along with projects at Texas A&M and Purdue University.

The final recommendations for universities and public research institutions reflect several ASU initiatives and principles including the ASU Charter and Design Aspirations, institutional structures such as the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory and the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation, as well as the university's graduate faculty model and corporate and strategic partnerships.