Maynard publishes new book: Future Rising

In his newest book, “Future Rising: A Journey From the Past to the Edge of Tomorrow,” sustainability scientist Andrew Maynard embarks on a 14-billion-year historical journey to show readers how we started and what we are steering toward.

“As humans we have a profound ability to not only imagine new futures but to change them,” says Maynard, who is associate dean for curricula and student success in ASU's College of Global Futures. “That comes with a lot of responsibility. If we are doing things intended to change the future, we have to do so smartly.” 

In “Future Rising,” a series of sixty short reflections, Maynard frames the future as a personal belonging or object that readers have control and responsibility over in order to get them thinking creatively about their relationship to and role in their own futures.

The book is available for sale beginning October 27. Read more about the book in this article on the Knowledge Enterprise website.