University Senate resolution supporting students' right to vote

The University Senate Student-Faculty Policy Committee has requested that faculty be reminded of the Spring 2020 Senate-approved Resolution 2020-74 for supporting voting removal of barriers for students. The committee worked diligently with ASU student government on the proposal for relief of academic work on election day. All faculty are urged to demonstrate support for students’ participation in voting by using their discretion when considering the dates of elections when planning course calendars and due dates and when considering excused absences, make-up assignments or testing on election days.

With the unique circumstances posed by Covid-19 and other considerations, it is anticipated that students may need to stand in line for long periods to vote. During past election days, students have been faced with making the difficult decision of leaving the polls and not voting in order to attend class. Students may choose not to vote to avoid penalties imposed by faculty for missing class and/or not submitting assessments that are due on election day. As faculty, we acknowledge that students may face these and other barriers to voting on election day and we do not wish to suppress any citizen's participation in voting or create barriers to students exercising their civic right and responsibility to vote. The University Senate remains committed to protecting the academic freedom of faculty and maintaining excellence in teaching while allowing students to exercise their right to vote.

Please communicate this resolution with faculty in your units. Questions related can be directed to Scott Day, Chairperson of the University Senate Student-Faculty Policy Committee.