Pearson authors guide to tiger beetles of India

A new field guide co-authored by sustainability scientist David Pearson is the first definitive identification guide to all 241 species of tiger beetles known to occur in India. Its descriptions of habitats, behavior and ecology make available a group of spectacular insects for both amateur enthusiasts and professional biologists to observe and study. In addition to their value as a hobby, with this field guide tiger beetles can now better serve as a valuable tool for understanding general patterns of biodiversity, biogeography, and conservation within India.

Pearson is a research professor in the School of Life Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He has conducted research on tiger beetle ecology, biogeography, and their uses in mathematical modelling worldwide. For six years he ran field studies on these beetles throughout India in cooperation with professors and students from Chandigarh (Panjab University) and Bengalaru (University of Agricultural Sciences)

The book, ISBN 978-81-211-0933-8, is published by Abhimanyu Gahlot and available for order by mail using the information on this flyer, provided by Dr. Pearson.