Future Cities episode 33: The Many Names for Urban Nature

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There are many ways to refer to nature in cities: urban green space, nature-based solutions, green infrastructure… But which name is best? Does it really even matter what names we used to describe urban nature? In this episode, Stephen Elser (@stephen_elser) interviews Dr. Dan Childers (director of @caplter) about some of the issues with various terms to describe urban nature, and a relatively new term that he prefers: urban ecological infrastructure. Then, we hear from Jason Sauer (@JasonRSauer) about a term he uses to describe his own study system: "heritage" wetlands. Learn how the words we use can change our research approaches and the perspectives that we adopt. Find Dr. Childers' paper on urban ecological infrastructure here (https://www.elementascience.org/artic...), and listen to his previous appearance on our show with a conversation about urban ecology here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSRdT...). Also, listen to the episode that Stephen and Jason made about Valdivia's urban wetlands, y tambien  en español

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