Creating clean environments for a better Zimbabwe

Surdax Investments goes beyond sanitizing offices — it is creating a new environment for economic growth in Zimbabwe. Intending to eradicate poverty, Surdax offers positions for women and youth to support their families and stimulate the local economy through outsourcing labor. Currently, this organization supports the environment by safely disposing of its sanitary waste. It intends to continue growing so that it can include the safe disposal of other waste produced in Zimbabwe.

Surdax Investments supports Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty by utilizing a business model that outsources labor to local families. It provides training to avoid discriminating against those with lower education or no education. The organization ensures that women, who are less likely to be hired, represent 42% of their staff. Since women are more likely to face unemployment, this organization supports them by implementing a “women’s desk” that works to eliminate gender inequities in professional environments. In addition, Surdax provides training that helps women increase self-esteem and motivation. Because Zimbabwe continues to struggle with economic instability, Surdax Investments works to create a more stable society by hiring over 300 employees. By employing women and local people, the organization achieves Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth by training its staff and offering in-house leadership training and women-specific growth programs.