2018 WE Empower Challenge impact: Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi

Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi

As the 2020 WE Empower UN SDG Challenge application deadline — April 26th — approaches, we are excited to share the impact the Challenge has had on the five 2018 Awardees.

Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi, a social entrepreneur with a passion for empowering girls, founded The Alchemist Lab, whose educational center has offered more than 25,000 children in cities, remote villages and refugee camps the skills they need to explore themselves and the world around them with confidence and determination.

The courage to dream

“WE Empower was my first global award — it was the first time I could think big and dream big for The Alchemist Lab.” Before WE Empower, Anabtawi only focused on local and regional markets for The Alchemist Lab. During the program, she learned not only that there is interest in her work outside of her immediate region, but that there are people out there — in WE Empower partners and connections — that can and will support the Alchemist Lab to scale its impact. Anabtawi also learned, through WE Empower’s vigorous public speaking training, how to better pitch the story of the Alchemist Lab.

More importantly, she continued working globally after the program. “I started to develop the courage to approach more global companies and organizations for support and advisory help.” This courage and her pitching skills led Anabtawi’s collaboration with UNHCR in the Zaatari Camp, the biggest refugee camp in Jordan. In the next 3-5 years, this collaboration will work with more than 25,000 children in Zaatari and other UNHCR camps in Jordan.

Hadeel UN SDGs Focus Areas

Power in community

Anabtawi notes that one of the most invaluable parts of the program was developing a community around this program with her peers. “The five of us (WE Empower awardees) continue to be in touch — pushing each other to achieve more, helping each other overcome challenges and sharing opportunities.”

Awards and press

The International DVF Award, 2019
The Global Social Benefit Institute Awardee at the Miller Center, Santa Clara University, 2019

School children showing their completed project

DVF grant

Through a $10,000 grant generously provided to runner-ups of the #InCharge Pitch Competition by Vital Voices board member and champion Diane Von Furstenburg, Anabtawi was able to develop a new, two-week curriculum for a GO Girls boot camp that trained 200 girls in STEM in underserved refugee communities in Petra, Jordan.

While the GO Girls workshops are not new to the Alchemist Lab, this grant enabled them to strengthen their existing curriculums and develop a two-week boot camp curriculum. This model, different than their individual workshops, allows The Alchemist Lab to train more girls over a shorter period of time, and provide a structured opportunity for the girls to learn and grow.

The grant also allowed The Alchemist Lab to create and innovate their brand and marketing through promotional videos that will allow them to spread the messaging of GO Girls to a wider audience and gain support and partners for the future. Watch the first three videos.

Sustainable Development Goals Achieved Through This Grant:
Goal 4: Quality Education: We provide high quality STEM education
Goal 5: Gender Equality: And we do this education for girls as part of this grant

The 2020 WE Empower UN SDG Challenge application deadline is April 26th. Apply now!