The new normal: Salon, Kuby call for survey responses

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced rapid, large changes in how we do practically everything. Virtually overnight, a large fraction of U.S. households has transitioned from a reality of long commutes, in-person classes and business meetings, and in-store shopping to one of telecommuting, online classes and business meetings, and online shopping – even for groceries. Many of these changes were happening already, but COVID-19 has pressed the fast-forward button.

Sustainability scientists Deborah Salon and Mike Kuby invite you to take part in a survey-based research study to better understand which of the COVID-19 changes might persist after the pandemic, and for whom. The results will help government agencies and communities recover faster and become more resilient to the next adverse event. They will be making the responses to this survey available to anyone who would like to use them, with the hope that this will increase their usefulness in preparing for the future.