Public Interest Technology University Network announces Year 2 Challenge

The Public Interest Technology University Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Year 2 Challenge for its 36 members. ASU is a founding member of this network, and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society won a grant in year 1.

The Challenge aims to support the development of Public Interest Technology programs within academia by encouraging new ideas, fostering collaborations, and incentivizing resource- and information-sharing among network members.

In 2019–PIT-UN’s inaugural year–27 proposals from 21 institutions were awarded a total of $3,276,748 in grant funds. While Year 1 projects are just beginning to yield results, network designees noted that even the application process allowed them to surface individuals committed to Public Interest Technology and to identify departments and schools that could work together.

For its second year, projects are especially encouraged in the priority areas of Career Pipeline/Placement and Faculty & Institution Building, although proposals addressing Educational Offerings or Strengthening the PIT University Network are also welcome. View the application instructions and apply by July 16.

The PIT-UN Challenge will prioritize projects that center the needs of communities who have historically been denied access to new technologies, been systematically left out of conversations at the intersection of technology and policy, and who have been denied opportunities to join the technology workforce, in efforts to further the positive social impact of technology for all communities. Centering community needs may be demonstrated by incorporating community partners in the design and execution of proposed projects.

All inquiries related to the Challenge should be directed to [email protected]. You can expect to receive an acknowledgement of your message within two business days.