Opening the door to biodiversity conservation

CBO staff smile while at table with puzzle and Jenga set

On February 22, 2020, the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes participated in ASU Open Door at the Tempe campus.

Every year, ASU hosts this event for the local community to explore the university's campuses while participating in hundreds of interactive activities facilitated by faculty, students and staff.

The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes' activities included a “which fish is which?” poster designed to help identify mislabeled seafood, an ocean conservation facts poster board, a jungle-themed large print puzzle for children and a new activity of marine biodiversity Jenga.

Monterrey Bay Aquarium pocket-size seafood watch guides were handed out to participants, along with other fun participation incentives.

Kids participate in activities with volunteer student

The new addition of Jenga was used to explain to the public the importance of biodiversity. The whole structure of the Jenga blocks represented the marine ecosystem and removing species or messing with them in any way can cause the whole ecosystem to fall apart.

This reminds us that every species has an important role in an interconnected structure that boosts ecosystem productivity and plays a significant role in the success of humanity