CBO takes on GreenBiz

Hand holds piece of white paper template of the world against trees background

ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Founding Director Leah Gerber and School for the Future of Innovation in Society’s Innovation in Global Development PhD program student Chris Barton attended GreenBiz 2020 to present a micro-session on “Biodiversity and Profitability: Mapping the natural environment's influence on your firm's profitability."

The GreenBiz conference took place on February 4-5 at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn, convening sustainable companies to advance the intersection between technology, sustainability and business.

Gerber’s and Barton’s expertise in tackling biodiversity issues in different business sectors made this event a perfect opportunity for them to connect and engage with corporations. Their session discussed biodiversity inclusion in corporate sectors, which is both beneficial for business profitability and the protection of biodiversity.


Many factors shape a firm's profitability, including those which have been explored by Michael Porter in his influential "Five Forces" industry analysis. Understanding how these forces affect your firm is essential to developing an effective competitive strategy. But any competitive analysis which leaves out the natural environment is incomplete. This short session will facilitate discussion about how the natural environment and biodiversity can influence your firm's profitability and competitive strategy.

For the full GreenBiz 2020 program, click here.