SheWorks! to bridge the gender tech gap

Kieran Kesner for Endeavor.

Silvina Moschini is a 2019 finalist of the WE Empower United Nations Sustainable Development Goals challenge and the creator of the first online platform to “leverage TransparentBusiness cloud technology, matching algorithms and remote workforce management tools to connect professional women with flexible remote job opportunities to eliminate the barriers between talent and opportunities and making the connection between education for employability”. In the article below, WE Empower intern Jordan Leiter highlights Moschini, her US-based business SheWorks! and shows how they promote gender equality and other sustainable development goals.

Silvina Moschini is the CEO & founder of SheWorks!, a cloud-based platform that allows individuals and companies to hire, monitor, manage, collaborate, rate, and pay their remote contractors by using cloud technology, computer learning, and data analytics.

SheWorks! is focused on quality education, gender equality, and economic growth while supporting SDG goals 4,5, and 8. The organization leverages technology and innovation to help companies find talent located anywhere on the planet, providing a solution that connects the dots between talent, opportunities and transparency in the digital age.

From women who just started out learning basic skills to women who want to upgrade their current skills and women who are looking to reenter the workforce, SheWorks! encourages women to expand their abilities and continue their education. Using the SheWorks! Academy platform, the company provides women with access to free training and certification so they can continue to develop professionally and compete in the job market. The ultimate goal is to eventually close  the gender gap in technology and open the doors for a more sustainable future.

According to Moschini: “Where we see the real-life impact of the SheWorks! mission is through the women on their platform, working globally on their own terms, balancing work, and life while exporting their talents."