Biodiversity present, Homecoming 2019

Girl stands by table and participates in hands on activity while volunteers assist herOn Saturday, September 23, 2019, the ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes participated in the university’s annual Homecoming block party. The block party had 14 acres of over 100 tents with fun games, food and hands-on educational activities. Conservation students at our booth interacted with families and engaged them in biodiversity conservation related activities to educate them on its importance. Alison Wilson, a graduate student from School of Life Sciences, stated, “It was great being able to talk to so many people about conservation and the importance of biodiversity, especially in such a fun way.” With habitat loss being the greatest threat to biodiversity, CBO volunteers facilitated an activity designed to educate the public on species’ habitats by placing animal figurines in their correct environments. “With 1 million species threatened with extinction, teaching the public about biodiversity is more important now than ever. Outreach events are a great way to educate people about conservation and have fun too!” said SOLS graduate student Olivia Davis. Opportunities like this one to engage face-to-face with community members are valuable not only to spread the word about CBO, but to plant a seed of individual accountability in conserving our environment. Group photo of volunteers wearing CBO tshirts