Jennifer Vanos awarded 2019 Climate and Health Champion Award

Dr. Jenni Vanos leading Tempe Heat Walk researchSchool of Sustainability assistant professor Jennifer Vanos was recently awarded Maricopa County's 2019 Climate and Health Champion award in the research category for her outstanding work in understanding the hazards and health outcomes associated with children's playspaces. Her work, which is supported by the Healthy Urban Environments (HUE) initiative, evaluates how playspace design mediates exposure to heat, radiation and air pollution impacts. Further, Vanos has utilized a collaborative research approach to explore how design interventions in playspaces can improve health outcomes related to these hazards. Vanos and her team are partnering with a local school to evaluate how redesigning a playspace with more attention to safety and cooling features will impact the well-being and quality of life for children who use the space.

Congratulations to Dr. Vanos and her colleagues in being recognized for their work!

Dr. Vanos and a colleague installing a roof-top monitoring instrument.
Dr. Vanos and a colleague installing a rooftop monitoring instrument