Meet WE Empower Challenge partner MyEffect

MyEffect founder Kelly Lovell

MyEffect is a woman-led business that aims to drive positive change and further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals via engagement on a positive, empowering social media platform. As someone who is passionate about sustainability, gender equality, and changing the way we interact with social media and the attention economy, WE Empower Challenge Intern Jordan Leiter is excited to showcase just how multifaceted MyEffect’s mission is and how it benefits gender equality and positive digital practices.

As the founder of MyEffect and a young female entrepreneur who has struggled to find her place in the tech community, Kelly Lovell (pictured) has “taken an active role in advocating for policy developments that advance women’s economic empowerment and prosperity, and this work has influenced MyEffect’s culture and technology.” According to Lovell, “MyEffect prioritizes gender equality and strives to provide equal opportunities for women to contribute innovation — particularly the next generation.”

This commitment to prioritize gender equality can be seen in MyEffect’s hiring practices — which invest in talent and training programs focused on hiring from underrepresented groups, such as women — and through their app by supporting women’s and girls’ nonprofit initiatives. They believe in “inclusive innovation and as such focus on creating a future where all perspectives — across sectors, generations, races and genders — are represented.”

MyEffect is a network for global citizens at the forefront of making change happen — as consumers, employees, student leaders and social entrepreneurs. Their mobile app and online platform connects people with partners — nonprofits, brands and influencers — to take action for a shared cause and tracks everyone’s impact. All impact reporting and actions are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MyEffect’s tools facilitate and empower cross-collaboration between stakeholders. Everyone shares the common goal of wanting to work together to lead social change, advancing shared causes such as poverty, quality education, climate action, gender equality and mental health.

With these shared causes in mind, MyEffect “aims to create digital solutions to develop and improve humanity. Their mission is to create a future where every individual has the resources they need to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to society.”

Why does MyEffect partner with and support the WE Empower UN SDG Challenge?

“As an opportunity that combines social entrepreneurship and gender equality, We Empower is a great embodiment of MyEffect’s aim to foster inclusive innovation,” Lovell said. “WE Empower is a wonderful initiative to support the next generation of innovators and bring visibility to the talents and impact of women entrepreneurs.”

What are some other ways in which MyEffect supports the U.N. SDGs?

  • All actions and impact reporting on MyEffect map to the 17 SDG targets.
  • MyEffect's app has been showcased at three high-level United Nations events: The 57th Commission on Social Development, ECOSOC Youth Forum and Global Festival of Action. These events highlighted the app as a promising resource to localize action for the SDGs (particularly for young people) and track contributions.
  • MyEffect is spearheading a national R&D project to develop a micro-action impact measurement index for SDGs. The research involves mapping individual actions (micro-level informal volunteering activities) against the SDGs and targets (macro-level) to develop new impact measurement tools that map how individual actions (i.e. volunteering) contribute to national/global SDG targets.
  • MyEffect is the founding stakeholder of the Youth2030 Challenge, an initiative that will connect young people around the world to partners (i.e. nonprofits, brands and influencers) to take action for the SDGs and track everyone's impact.

WE Empower and our partners are striving to further the SDGs every day, and with MyEffect, now you can share your impact, too. Whether you’re an individual, a nonprofit or a brand, anyone can sign up on MyEffect’s online platform or at your mobile app store and start tracking your effect on the world today!

This article was written by WE Empower Challenge intern Jordan Leiter.