Funding saves biodiversity

View of Science article pageASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Founding Director Leah Gerber recently coauthored a letter on Science titled “Solve the biodiversity crisis with funding.” In the letter, Gerber and a team of conservation scientists from other universities and representatives from Defenders of Wildlife call on Congress to fully fund wildlife conservation programs to protect imperiled species. Following the recent United Nations report about the alarming biodiversity crisis, over 1,600 scientists have endorsed this letter. "Funding the [Endangered Species Act] has been proven to recover endangered species—recovery costs for all listed species is 1/100 of the cost of food waste to Americans annually,” explains Gerber. “So, for a mere fraction of what Americans spend on uneaten food, we can prevent further extinctions and help preserve our full natural heritage." If you are a scientist and would like to endorse the letter, please click here.