Microplastics in our food

Underwater view of fish and stingray swimingBeth Polidoro, ASU New College professor and Center for Biodiversity Outcomes associate director of biodiversity valuation and assessments, was featured in an ASU Now article about her ambition to mitigate microplastics and pollutants in our oceans. With the help of her Salt Water Assessment Team, Polidoro has made progressive strides in alleviating the plastic pollution problem through her research on contaminants found in seafood. “I don’t really like to just go up to someone and say, ‘That piece of tuna that you’re eating has 25 parts per million arsenic and mercury in it,’ because people will just glaze over and not really know what it means,” she said. “But telling someone that eating a certain type of fish twice a week over their lifetime may put them at a 25% heightened risk of cancer, for example, is something they can understand and use to make better choices about what to feed their families.” For the full ASU Now article, click here.