Burning questions about the Amazon fires

Satellite view of Amazon fires at nightASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Faculty Affiliate David Manuel-Navarrete’s expertise on Amazonian biodiversity was featured in an Arizona PBS special of the television program Arizona Horizon. During the interview, he answered pressing questions regarding the environmental impact of the current Amazon fires. He also explained why this year’s fires are more devastating than previous ones and how this crisis will affect us at national and global scales. Much of this crisis, as he explains, revolves around unsustainable decisions made by farmers and the Brazilian government. However, Manuel-Navarrete offers suggestions for things we can all do to help lessen the crisis. In addition, through initiatives like the one he and other ASU colleagues are advancing by working directly with Amazonian indigenous peoples to identify more sustainable sources of income, there is hope that we can establish a more sustainable and holistic use of the rainforest. David Manuel-Navarrete is an Associate Professor at the School of Sustainability and a Senior Sustainability Scientist at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.